Become an Asthma New Zealand member

Becoming a member is one of ways you can support us to help people with asthma and COPD and their families. For only $25 per year, your support will help us to continue...

  • Providing personalised asthma management counselling
  • Providing asthma education resources in a range of languages
  • Providing individual and group education sessions in homes and schools
  • Providing telephone support for clients
  • Co-ordinating and facilitating COPD support groups
  • Training nurses and other health professional about asthma and COPD management
  • Giving asthma emergency kits to schools

How to renew your subscription if you are already an Asthma New Zealand member

The $25 annual membership subscriptions are due on 1 April every year.  Please complete the membership form below (so that we have up-to-date contact details) and then pay your subscription fee. Here are the ways that you can pay:

Direct debit: Deposit $25 into account 12 3048 0307259 00 Please remember to put your surname in the Particulars box and first name in the Reference box.

Cheque:  Post a cheque, along with your name and address details, to Asthma New Zealand, PO Box 67 066, Mt Eden, Auckland 1349.

Credit card: Visit our online shop and add your annual membership to your shopping cart.

How to become a new member

Becoming a member is easy!  Simply fill in the form below and either pay by credit card or pay your membership fee by cheque or direct debit, as shown above.

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