UNITEC Asthma Course

Asthma NZ/UNITEC Distance Learning Asthma Nursing Course (15 credits)

The programme is offered by distance learning. The primary aim of the UNITEC Asthma Nursing Course is to provide nursing health professionals with a high level of Asthma knowledge that promotes best practice, based on available evidence, and is consistent with national policy.

The Asthma Nursing Course commenced in the year 2000 and over 1000 nurses have completed this course.  Of the many nurses who have enrolled in the Asthma Nursing Course, most had not undertaken any academic learning & students found the Asthma course to be very challenging, but a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

This course is available to all Registered Nurses. Information about Asthma New Zealand/UNITEC Asthma Nursing Course:

  • Course is endorsed with 15 credits
  • Course is over one semester
  • You will be awarded an Asthma New Zealand Certificate
  • Course is interactive, evidence based, distance learning
  • Work at your own pace within the timeframe
  • Approximately 7-8 hours of theory per week. This is influenced by your previous study experience
  • Course equivalent to 150 hours of study
  • Support is there just when you need it: just send an email or phone the course co-ordinator
  • Network with others doing the same course and learn from the experts in a clinical skills session on devices hopefully close to your own local area
  • Assessment of knowledge to pass the course: two assignments
  • Contents designed by skilled nurse educators who understand what it is like to be in your shoes juggling work, home and study and the ever changing demands of contemporary healthcare - they have been supported by the leading experts in nursing and health management
  • Real life examples are used throughout to make theory easy to incorporate into your practice
  • Course content is supported by readings, but you are also encouraged to find your own resources. You need to select the readings relevant to your own area of practice
  • While registered general nurses are participating in the course they are an enrolled student of Unitec, students may use the library, Internet and learning resource environments
  • Marking is done by Asthma New Zealand
  • The course has received endorsement from the NZNO College of Practice Nurses as suitable to aid progress towards the Expert Practice Nurse

The Asthma Nursing Course is subsidised by Asthma New Zealand.  Cost is $250 (the unsubsidised course cost through UNITEC is over $1,000 ).
For an application please contact swarna@asthma.org.nz

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