Asthma Ambassadors

Nothing else matters when you can’t breathe

Follow 12 Asthma Ambassadors as they raise awareness and help Kiwi’s breathe easier.


Asthma NZ have teamed up with the international award winning TV Crew from Charity TV to create an epic adventure.  Over the next 10-months our Ambassadors will be on a journey of education, adventure and fun.  They will be interviewed, interviewing and posting out all sorts of information that will educate, entertain and inform.  New Zealand has the second highest asthma mortality rate in the developed world for 5 – 35 year olds.  We cannot allow this to persist.


We need your help too.   Our goal is to reduce asthma hospitalisation by 50% by 2029.  We have plenty of time with a little help from our friends.


Education is the most powerful tool to keep people out of hospital & breathing easy.  Try concentrating in class or at work when you can't breathe.  Please stay tuned as we.


Alex Chapman

"I am a Career Respiratory Specialist and embrace the opportunity to promote the correct messages with regard to asthma care to the community and dispel misconceptions."


Joanna Middleton

"I hope that raising awareness and funds during this project will help to educate others and encourage
them to seek help and learn more about their journey with asthma."



Lisa Gombinsky 

"I chose to get involved to learn and understand more about the experiences of people living with asthma, and for the opportunity to give back to NZ and to New Zealanders, and to do so in a way that is about connectivity and education."




YiXian Wu

"I believe that everything does happen for a reason and that a bit of love
from everyone could actually make the difference between happiness and education."






Aaron Gambhir

"This opportunity to raise awareness about Asthma while having fun really appealed to me. While I do not have any previous fundraising experience, I am very interested to learn to enable me to support Asthma NZ in their goal to raise awareness about this health issue."



Andy Watt

"I would really like to have the opportunities to use my experience as both to help other people and increase awareness of asthma treatment and control."






Glenn White

"I am grateful for this opportunity to work alongside Asthma New Zealand to have these programmes more widely available so as to reduce the burden of asthma, COPD, sleep apnoea and other breathing disorders."


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